2016 Grant Application

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 4, 2016

Instructions: Please provide the information requested. You may cut and paste into the form from another document or type directly into the form. There is no length limit on any of the requested information but we do ask that you be as concise as possible. Please note that pictures may not be pasted into the text boxes. If you must send images please attach them using the image upload feature below.

Part I: Organization

Briefly state your organization's mission, goals and objectives:

Part II: Program / Project

Describe the program/project for which you are requesting a grant. Include who and how many will benefit and describe the benefits. Also include any cooperative efforts with other organizations. Provide information on the planning and execution process and include pertinent information on resources employed, other sources of income and in-kind contributions:

Part IIIa: Budget

Provide a summary of your organization's budget for the current year:

Part IIIb: Budget

Provide the program/project budget for which you are seeking funds including expenditure components such as administration/personnel, materials, travel and housing (if applicable). Include all sources of projected income, including the amount sought from BCFI.:

Part IV: Report on Past Grant (if applicable)

If you received a grant from BCFI for the prior year, please include your report here. Please address the following questions in your report and include a summary statement of program/project income and expenses by category.

  • Describe the overall outcome of the program/project?
  • Were the proposed program/project goals met?
  • Describe the impact of your program/project, e.g. how many individuals benefited from your program?
  • Were BCFI funds expended as outlined in the grant request?

Image upload:

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Other pertinent information such as brochures, pictures, CD, DVD, etc. may be mailed to:
Grants Committee
Breast Cancer Focus
P.O. Box 241781
Anchorage, Alaska 99524-1781