Criteria for Recipients of Funds from BCFI

Requests for funding from Breast Cancer Focus, Inc. will be accepted primarily from non-profit organizations. Individuals and organizations that are not non-profit corporations must ensure that the applicant’s proposed project supports BCFI’s mission, goals, and objectives, and that funds are only used for Section 501C(3) purposes. Applicants’ requests will be considered based upon the following qualifying criteria:

  1. Compliance with the mission of BCFI “…to support advocacy, education and research in Alaska to help eradicate breast cancer.”
  2. Compliance with the purpose of BCFI “…that the corporation not duplicate services that another organization in Alaska is currently undertaking … To raise funds to support the activities of Alaskan organizations whose goals coincide with those of this corporation.”
  3. Compliance with the goals of BCFI to:
    • Education: “Educate every woman in Alaska on early detection and prevention.”
    • Research: “Encourage and support Alaskan research.”
    • Advocacy: “Encourage awareness and responsibility.”
    • Compassionate Giving: “Giving that directly effects survivors and their care givers.”

Subsequent Reporting Requirements of Funded Organizations and Individuals

As a condition to receiving funds from BCFI, recipients shall be required to provide a periodic status and financial report on the funded project, and a final report at the conclusion of the project. The status reports shall be complete and thorough, and include specific information about how their use of funds contributed to BCFI’s goals “to support advocacy, education and research in Alaska to help eradicate breast cancer.”

Additionally, each recipient’s report shall describe how BCFI was recognized for funds contributed by BCFI. The recipient’s report shall be submitted prior to the October meeting of the Board of Directors in order to ensure inclusion on the agenda for the Board meeting.